Let our experience in IT Services and Business Management guide your team.

Service Summary:


  • New Service Design
  • Business Improvement
  • Process Development
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
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  • Ensure new services are setup to achieve your goals
  • Understand how to define your goals, how to set a baseline and measure progress, and how to improve them
  • Automate reporting that will drive action in your business

Price: $150 per Hour
(Discounted Blocks are Available)

What are Consulting Services?

Our consulting services give clients access to our years of experience. If you are a customer service manager looking for guidance on improving support, a product manager needing to improve a product or service, a team setting up a new ticketing system, or a business manager wanting to improve your operations, we will help you succeed.

We offer discounted hourly rates for larger engagements and will develop a project plan that fits your need.

Service Goals

In order to be successful, we need to define success. Success goals will be defined during the project plan development in order to ensure your unique outcomes are achieved.

We've helped hundreds of companies overcome their support struggles.

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